SKIN UPDATE // How I Care For My Body

In collaboration with Imagen Body Sculpting in Omaha,  NE

Hey, Dolls! How are we doing this week? I am doing much better this week, thankfully. My heart was pretty heavy but God has helped me lay it down at His feet! I wanted to update you all on my tummy skin in todays post! If you remember, I collaborated with Imagen Body Sculpting here in Omaha, NE to help with my skin that was stretched due to my pregnancies. I had the procedures done in mid-March so we are now 3 months post! Time flies!


I explained in THIS POST how Imagen Body Sculpting performed Profound, PRP, and Sidelaze on my stomach region to better the appearance of my skin. We are 3 months in and the results are great! I am so excited to go to my appointment in the next week to see what the doctor thinks and get some after photos done. Every time I look back at my before images I am shocked. There are some days where I think not much as changed, but as soon as I see those images I am blown away every time. I had a Q&A with my Instagram audience (@nickyschmaderer_fit) back in May where I discussed some commonly asked questions. One of them was “How many sessions did it take?” and the answer is ONE! No need to go every couple weeks for another session. Everything was done in one day which makes this Mama’s life so much easier! In cased you missed it, I take you inside my procedure in THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO. 

Just like most procedures, the after care of your body is of upmost importance! I am almost 11 months postpartum and am finally starting to feel like “me” again. I really started to hone in on my nutrition and training after my compression garment came off in April. Up until that point, I was weight training with minimal to no cardio and eating moderately high calories. I was breastfeeding more often so keeping my supply up was important to me. When Reina started to eat solids she started to self-wean from nursing. We still nurse mainly in the mornings and at night but my supply has drastically dropped. Since keeping supply high is not at the forefront anymore, I started to implement more cardio and cut out some unnecessary calories. Brody started training me to do CrossFit style workouts which added in a lot more cardio-like training. Lets just say…I give CrossFit athletes A LOT more credit now! Those workouts are tough!

I still eat around 200g of carbs a day but I removed most of my snacking and lowered my fat intake. I am a HUGE proponent of carbs, especially when you are weight-training. Carbs are a fuel source and I do not believe they should be avoided. Some of my favorite carbs to eat are rice, sweet potatoes, fruit, and vegetable bowls. I have a huge sweet tooth so staying away from the bad carbs is tough, but I do believe in moderation. I definitely treat myself at least once a day to a small sweet treat around my workout. Yes, you can do that! 😉



Here is a side by side showing the difference in my body. The left was taken in January before my Imagen procedure and before I hunkered down on my training and diet. What I still struggle with is my water intake. I used to be so good at getting my gallon of water in when I was working a 8-4 job. I had my water right next to me at my desk and drinking it came easy. Now that I am home, I am pulled in 100 different directions with work, the girls, and house work. This makes getting water intake in a challenge for me but I still try my best!

I train 6 days a week and eat around 130g Protein, 50g Fat, and 200g Carbs.

The staff at Imagen explained to me the importance of taking a collagen supplement in recovery. I have been using Ancient Nutrition products for a couple years. I absolutely love their collagen line and use it daily in my post-workout smoothies. Imagen also carries a collagen supplement. You can find it HERE.



I will be releasing another Youtube video vlogging my 3-month follow up appointment here in the next couple weeks! Brody will also make an appearance in it discussing his view on the procedure. Be sure to stay tuned! Remember, it can take 6-9 months to see full results from Profound, PRP, and Sidelaze. I am already so ecstatic from the results!

Imagen is celebrating Christmas in July with up-to $1,500 off body sculpting treatments!

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