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Hi Sweet Fam! We just got back from Scottsdale, Arizona a couple days ago and we had the best time! It was so nice to escape Nebraska and allow the girls to have some fun in the sun. We created some amazing memories that I will remember forever. Miss Reina Ruby officially started walking more than crawling, Noelia learned how to swim, and this Mama turned 28! Travel with two kids is EXHAUSTING but I would truly do it all over again. I am very Type A and this trip allowed me to test my patience and a “go with the flow” attitude. I had a lot of Mama’s ask travel questions over on my Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit) so I wanted to round up a post of a few Q&A as well as highlights from our trip!


My Girls 

Noelia LOVES plane rides! This was her third plane ride. She did her best to show Sissy the ropes but lets be honest…Reina was ALL OVER THE PLACE. We booked direct flights and that was definitely a smart decision. Reina is at the age where staying in one spot just isn’t feasible. She wants to walk, crawl, play, yell, and see ALL the things! We did our absolute best to keep her occupied but there were a few times I had to take her with me to the back of the plane for a change of scenery and a mini “break”. Breastfeeding definitely saved this Mama! It was the only thing that would calm her down. Poor baby just wanted to walk around! We flew American and I am so thankful for the flight staff that allowed Reina and I to use an empty row.


Airport Must-Haves

I was adamant about bringing our UppaBaby stroller! I knew we would be doing some shopping and walking around Scottsdale. The stroller is pricey and I definitely did not want it to get ruined, so as any Modern-Mama does…ask Instagram! I asked you all on my stories about whether to go cheap with a travel-cover or to splurge on the UppaBaby one. Almost everyone said to splurge and I am so happy we did! The bag is well worth the price. It kept everything neat, tight, and we got it back in perfect condition. What is great about the UppaBaby cover is that they will cover any damages that may happen to the stroller while traveling. Worth it! We absolutely love our stroller and will continue to use it until the next (and final??) baby. It breaks down so easily, is easy to clean, and comes with so many different additions/accessories.

The carseat covers were great to ensure nothing got damaged or lost. I bought the covers on Amazon for $20/each. They are easy to use and come with a handle and back-straps. You roll it back up into its own attached pouch and is easy to store away. We didn’t use these the last time we flew and I so wish we did! Life-saver!




We stayed at Hotel Adeline in Scottsdale. We love how the pool is kid friendly and how the rooms are close. The staff is always incredibly friendly. We love staying with Hotel Adeline!

Hotel Room Must-Haves


I knew going into the trip that I would have some anxiety about Reina’s sleep. We worked hard to sleep train her so I was naturally worried we would lose our progress. We wanted to have a pool-side room at our hotel but unfortunately that meant we couldn’t have a Suite that was located farther away from the pool area. Luckily the crib they provided tucked away into the bathroom space. It helped Reina feel like she had her own “room” when it came to naps and bedtime. If you are Mama/parent you know this is super important when it comes to sleep! We brought our sound machine and sound monitors with us. The sound machine helped make it just like home and drown out any noise coming from the outside. We also brought her sleep sack so she knew that naps and bedtime meant sleep time just like home. Arizona is 2 hours behind Nebraska so naturally the first day was rough. We followed her sleep cues the best we could and allowed her to tell us when it was time for sleep. That was the hardest adjustment for me, not looking at the clock! Noelia doesn’t take naps anymore so traveling with her runs a lot smoother than it did a couple years ago. Of course she still gets off just like Reina does, but thankfully she does well at going with the flow and adjusting. When Reina napped we had the sound monitor with us by the pool and Noelia swam.


Traveling During COVID

This was definitely the most asked question. So many want to travel/will be traveling and I know COVID is the big raincloud above everyones head (mine included). Before we booked our trip, Arizona was not a hot-spot. Things changed quickly and we had to make the decision whether to take our family or not. We ultimately decided to go and we have no regrets. I knew the trip was mainly about relaxing and enjoying the pool. We had no plans to see people or be anywhere that had masses of people. I ensured I had enough sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, and masks for the trip. Everywhere we had to go like the airport, quick trips to the grocery store, food spots, etc. all took the necessary precautions to keep people safe and apart. The hardest thing to adjust to in Arizona was the mandatory mask requirement in public, which wasn’t a bad thing!



Raw Photos From The Camera Roll

Stopped for a quick Mommy & Mini photo with Reina! 

We went to Nekter about 4 times! The girls loved their smoothies & Acai bowls. We wish we had a Nekter in Nebraska! 

My Beauty…she is getting SO big!!


“Stompin’ in ma’ Air Force Onnnnnnes”


This is outside one of our favorite spots, The Sugarbowl. Noelia loves coming here for icecream and to hang in their mini arcade room. The place is a must if you are in Scottsdale



These were taken just out front of The Scott Resort & Spa. Brody and I would love to stay here in the future! We love the vibe!

I mayyyy have made a pit-stop for a Birthday treat 😉 I saved all my pennies for this one!

I turned 28 while we were in Scottsdale and it was the best birthday I have had in a few years! Being with my family all day in a place we love was so special to me!


I am so happy thankful we were able to go on this trip! Traveling with kids is not easy but the memories make it worth it. We will always remember how our Reina Ruby officially became a walker in Arizona, I turned 28, and how COVID made us realize being together is the best place to be. Want more travel outfit links? Check out THIS BLOG POST.

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