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 skin tighteningIn collaboration with Imagen Cosmetic Center in Omaha, NE

Hey, Fam! October is HERE! What?! I would much rather be soaking in the sun like the above photo but Nebraska Falls can sure be pretty. Is it cold yet where you are from? I am posting my final skin tightening progress post with Imagen Cosmetic Center. It is hard to believe it has been 6 months since I had the procedure done. I had Profound, PRP, and Sidelaze performed on my stomach region, primarily around my belly button. For a full run down on what those 3 procedures are, click HERE. As I look back in how far I have come in 6 months, all I can say is how thankful I am that there are skin tightening procedures out there, especially for my fellow Mom Gang. Skin is something that cannot be changed once stretched to its fullest point. After having two full-term pregnancies, my skin was basically translucent at 9 months pregnant! I needed something that would not only make the appearance of my skin better, but strengthen the skin to be able to go through another pregnancy (my last!??!).

7 Months pregnant with Reina VS 11 Month old Reina

I did not think I would be able to rock low-waisted bikini bottoms confidently this Summer but I DID IT and I am so proud I did. Sure, there are still stretch marks, but they tell a story. They show how truly amazing a woman’s body is; the ability to move and stretch to allow for life to grow. Our bodies are fascinating, Ladies! Confidence after babies is difficult, but it is something that takes time. Loving your body is a mental decision that you must make everyday; to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I love YOU!”. Our bodies were meant to evolve.

Confidence is not one size fits is not “when I am this size, “when I see this number on the scale”, or even “when I can wear those jeans again”.

After having Reina, I still LOVED my body despite the obvious changes. There were days that were more difficult than other but it is that positive self talk that spoke about above that got me through it. When I discovered there was a way to make my skin appearance better, I was 100% for it. Mothers are naturally used to putting other’s needs before their own that it is easy to forget we deserve the world, too! I personally feel there is nothing wrong with a procedure that helps women (and men!) feel more confident in their skin.


Check out my 3 month progress post HERE.

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Prior to going into the procedure. There so were so many deep grooves that are no longer there! The droopiness of the skin over my belly button still amazes me every time I look back at this screen grab.

6 months post. Left photo being March and right taken in September

With consistent exercise and mindful eating I lost 7 pounds from March to September. I was 8 months postpartum when I had my procedure and Miss Reina is now 14 months old! The Profound, PRP, and Sidelaze procedures on my skin look amazing! It was difficult to see the progress day to day/month to month but these photos speak for themselves.

Checkout my YouTube Channel to see my progress videos!

I firmly believe that we cannot love our families fully if we do not love ourselves first and see ourselves as God sees us; whole and perfect. I want my babies to see and experience the happy Mama that I strive to be. The Mama that confidently goes about her day and encourages her daughters to do the same. A Mama that doesn’t let something so silly like stretch marks or a misshaped belly button stop her from wearing the clothes she wants. I am so proud to be a girl Mom and a wife to husband that loves me for who I am. Procedures like this do not alter our beauty, but allow us to see what is already there. A confident Mama is a happy Mama, but it starts from within first. Xx

Thank you, Imagen Cosmetic Center, for helping this Mama feel confident in her skin!

To learn more about Imagen and the services that they offer, click HERE.


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