Teacher Appreciation with House of R Omaha


In collaboration with House Of R Omaha

I am sure it goes without saying that 2020 has been a year of many challenges but also a year of great appreciation. We were forced to realize how quickly our lives can change and the importance of togetherness with family. Our Frontline Healthcare workers have been on the forefront of 2020 working ever so tirelessly to fight a virus that has impacted us all in ways big and small. I have also witnessed firsthand a profession that has been greatly impacted by 2020 and that is our teachers. TEACHER APPRECIATION is something that is near and dear to my heart. Brody is a teacher at a local high school and I can say from experience that our teachers are truly Saints. They had the rugs pulled from under them and stood up with Grace and a willing heart to be there for their school kids.


It broke my heart as a parent to see how losing in-person school this past Spring effected our kids. There were no warnings, no goodbyes, no “See you later’s”…just an abrupt ending to normalcy. We could barely handle it as adults, imagine how our kids felt. I am sure most parents can agree that our children need routine, whether they realize it or admit it. Structure in raising kids is something I believe is important. School gives our kids structure and the ability to learn social skills with people that are not family. It hurt me greatly to see my 4 year old daughter stuck at home when all she wanted to do was go to school. She was in-front of the computer many times this past Spring and Summer listening to her teachers read books and describe fun activities she could do at home. They were always so happy and excited to be able to create these videos so kids could still feel that hint of normalcy. Fast forward to a brand-new school year and things still look different, but not necessarily in a bad way. Parents had to make the decision of in-person learning or remote learning, and depending on which school district, were forced to stay remote. Despite all these crazy changes, our teachers continue to amaze me! They have been handling this school year with such love and Grace. Many are having to do more, intricate work that they have never done before. Many are having to navigate their own childrens’ education. If you know a teacher, tell them THANK YOU. A little kindness will go a long way.

Teacher Appreciation with House Of R Omaha

House Of R Omaha is a local Omaha business that is close to my heart. We had Reina’s First Birthday party there this past July and it was an event I will never forget. You can see that blog post HERE. House Of R holds fabulous events from business parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Birthday parties, and anything else you can think of! Rachel and Vic have done such an excellent job with the space and giving Omaha something special. When COVID hit this past Spring, Rachel and Vic got creative since holding events was no longer an option for the time being. They both created Experiences To-Go boxes. They are fully curated or build-your-own. You are able to find more information on these fun boxed and how to order HERE.

Teacher Appreciation Box: Stress Reliever Edition


teacher appreciation with house of r

teacher appreciation with house of r


How fab is this box?! It is so thoughtful and I am sure it would put a smile on any teachers face. One of Noelia’s love languages is gift giving, so she is very excited to give this box to her teacher!

What’s Inside???


Teacher’s love candy! These mason jars filled with Skittles candies can offer Teacher’s the snack break they need during their long day or as a sweet treat at night!



Help keep teachers’ breathes refreshed under their masks all day long with our Thank-You mints. 


Allow your teachers hands to stay sanitized during the day and at home with our student germ removal hand sanitizer 


Encourage your teachers to treat themselves to a gold foil face mask rejuvenation. This face mask is the perfect way for your teachers to keep their summer glow. 


Help your teachers enjoy a night of relaxation with our wine tumblers. 


Give your teachers a new type of happy hour drink that they can mix with or without alcohol. 


Give your teachers a breath of fresh air with our scented candles. 


Our customized coloring pages and colored pencils can help remind your teachers that coloring can help reduce stress and refresh their creative side. 


Encourage your teacher to send a letter to someone they care about on their own personalized stationery. Pen, stamp, and envelope all included.  


teacher appreciation with house of r


My personal favorite is the custom coloring pages. Something so simple can bring me such relaxation! No wonder Noelia loves to color and draw. It really does help the mind come back to center.

teacher appreciation

Noelia getting ready to give her box to her teacher! Thank you, Miss Julie, and all the staff at her school for making this school year as normal as possible! Your hard work does not go unnoticed! Xx

Please be sure to checkout House Of R Omaha and all they have to offer at thehouseofr.com

Curated boxes can be found HERE. Use Code NICKY10 for 10% off! Shipping is available.

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