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Hey Girlfriends! Happy Friday! What a week it has been but I am so thankful for these busy weeks. The girls have been keeping me busier than ever along with my job so this post couldn’t have come at a better time! I am chatting with you all today in full transparency about my filler journey. As a 28 year-old Mama of two, this was the year I could see my age. Some of you may be giving a slight eyeball roll but this really is such a personal topic for me and one I know I am not alone in. I have always had a face full of expression lines (not a bad thing at all!) but I felt those lines were just that much more deeper and stronger this year. Miss Reina took a toll on my skin through my postpartum journey after having her (you can read more about my postpartum acne HERE) and I felt my appearance was just different. I know all my Mama friends know what I mean! This post is going to go into detail on why I decided this was the year to put my skin and overall confidence first and how a local gal changed my life!


Transparency. Self-Love. Confidence. Realness. These are qualities and attributes I hold near and dear to my heart on my platform. Whether you follow me here on Vida Noel, or on Instagram (@nickyschmaderer_fit), or maybe even TikTok (@nickyschmaderer), I would hope all of those qualities are shown in some way. Any time there is something I am doing or want to do for myself, I always want to let my audience in on it. That certainly isn’t for everyone and there are topics that need to stay off social media, but I believe a topic like this one today is one that can connect with many. Is it for everyone? No! That is perfectly okay! I am coming from a place of honesty with the hope I may spark that fire in someone to do the things that may have always wanted to do; start a blog, begin their fitness journey, start a family, or even just get some love done to their face!



When I knew my breastfeeding journey was near done with Miss Reina, I knew I wanted to start the process of looking for someone to give this Mama some face love! My biggest insecurities always were my forehead expression lines and the deep under eye lines. No amount of concealer and translucent powder could mask that I always looked tired. I never used to have such deep lines under my eyes but after some weight loss in postpartum, things looked different. I knew I wanted Botox in my forehead and some filler for under my eyes. With anything like this, there are some definite nerves.

Will I still look like me?

Will people be able to tell?

What If I do not like it?

What if I get botched?!

All of these questions ran into my mind and rightfully so!

I had heard about a local gal who was an injector and a very good one at that! A few of my close social media friends raved about her and the work they had gotten from her. I knew her loosely from a fitness competition I had done a few years prior and always thought she was the nicest, most gorgeous human!

Kristi Rowe, PA-C from Finesse Advanced Medical Aesthetics is who I am referring to and who I chose to go with for my fillers.



Me sitting at my appointment prior to getting the filler 


My first appointment with Kristi! Prior to coming in person, we did a FaceTime consult where I was able to ask all of my questions and Kristi was able to assess my facial concerns. Kristi made me feel very comfortable and explained every step for me. She numbed the area well and gave me a stress ball and vibration tool to distract my nerve endings from feeling any discomfort. I felt great the whole time! Kristi injected filler in my upper cheeks, under eyes, and on the left side of my mouth. I swelled up a little and had some minor bruising on my left side but that was truly the extent of my healing process. The results were immediate and they only got better with time!


Example of the vibration tool I am holding under my chin



I took this photo on my IG Stories 5 days after my first appointment and saw a HUGE difference in my under eye area and cheeks. I felt like a new woman, honestly! No drastic shadows or lines under my eyes. I really did (and still do!) feel like a million bucks!


I took this photo about 2 weeks after my first appointment. It was the day of my second appointment where Kristi looked over my healing progress and would assess if I needed any touch-ups. She did some slight adjustments under my eyes and also was so kind to give my forehead some Botox love!


If you are looking to see more in-depth healing videos and photos, please head over to my Instagram linked HERE and watch my FILLER highlight



I asked Kristi to send over some information about herself to help my local gals get to know her! I always tell people who ask me about botox or fillers to do your research so I hope this information helps those that are in the market for an injector!


Kristi Rowe, PA-C
Owner of the Aesthetic Atelier at Finesse Advanced Medical Aesthetics

at•el•ier (noun)

Definition: a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer


Welcome to my workshop! Aesthetic medicine has been my passion for over a decade and every patient sitting in my chair is an opportunity to hone my skills. My clinical background as a physician assistant in Ob/Gyn for ten years prior to aesthetics led to a natural transition into the world of aesthetics. I worked with many female patients throughout the different seasons of their lives and clearly understood the impact of aging on well being.

I have been part of the Omaha community my entire life. I was a college athlete at UNO where I received my BA in Biology and masters from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. I have two fantastic daughters and a stepson that keeps us busy. In my early 40s, I jumped into the sport of women’s bodybuilding and became a natural figure professional.
I found that taking care of the body slows the aging process and looking and feeling younger go hand in hand. I love to share advice and encouragement with my patients who are on their own journey to live a healthy lifestyle.

I joined the Finesse family two years ago and haven’t looked back. We offer cutting edge aesthetic services and focus on facial aesthetics. The specialty is constantly evolving and we are always learning to offer the best treatment options to our patients. We pride ourselves on being some of the most experienced practitioners in the area.

We offer Botox/Dysport, dermal fillers, microneedling w/Skin Pen, Radio Frequency microneedling, Sculptra, Kybella, IPL laser, medical grade chemical peels, PRF for facial rejuvenation and PRF hair restoration. We carry medical grade skin care consultations are complimentary.

I would love to meet you!


Online booking:
Or call: 402-671-0396
IG: Theaestheticatelier
FB: Kristi Rowe, PA-C, The Aesthetic Atelier

I am so happy I decided to give myself some love with the help of Kristi. She truly is a master of her craft and takes her time at ensuring you will achieve the best possible results. I strongly recommend her and of course fillers in general. Just a small injection can give you that little boost of confidence you were looking for.

Thank you, Kristi, for helping this Mama feel like herself again! Xx

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