Recent Winter Outfits // 2024 Trends

recent winter outfits

Happy 2024 Vida Noel, Fam! Wow, we have a lot to catch up on. Baby Brody is now 4 months old and growing like crazy! He has been such an immense blessing & truly is my angel sent from heaven. We have been very busy adjusting to the craziness of 3 kids and keeping up with school schedules, extra activities for the kids, my work schedule, Hubby’s ministry schedule, and sleep??? Sleep is another discussion but we are truly so busy. Blessed, but busy! I wanted to take some time to show you guys some recent winter outfits. Winter is not my favorite season, but it is my favorite for curating fashion outfits. I love all the layers and how I can express myself with fun accessories and shoes! Let’s get to my favorite recent winter outfits and fun 2024 trends!



recent winter outfits

Truly one of my favorite outfits. I did not think I could pull this look off when I initially tried on this Amazon jacket set. I was like…it’s giving Gingerbread Man vibes…but we stayed and slayed. I love it! It comes in other colors, I am wearing the gray in a size medium.

It’s giving rich Auntie energy!! Another style I was intimidated about since it is such a statement but faux fur coats are the trend of the season. I love the look of them and how they grab anyones attention! This one is on sale under $100 and very warm! I am wearing an Amazon unitard under in a size small.

An Arizona winter means I can get away with no sleeves most days, which I LOVE. This look is a great way to look polished but comfortable. The puffer jacket, another trend, is from Amazon and the rest of the look is Abercrombie!

recent winter looks

Abercrombie YPB is a brand I have gotten to truly love recently. The quality is great and there are often amazing sales to get great pieces at a great price. I wanted to link some of my favorite pieces right now! My wellness mama era is back!


Let me know what you would like to see from me in 2024! It’s going to be a great year, fam! 

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